Fiction Friday

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Ana lurches in bed, aching all over, exhausted.

Soon her son, Ethan, will come over for ‘cuddles’ and the day will begin, maybe more tiring than the night. Sweat covers Ana’s body, but she can’t shower before he comes, because she doesn’t want to wake him up earlier than he would by himself or make him cry when he sees the bed empty. He needs her hugs and kisses to start his day. Ana knows this too will pass.

Ethan crosses the little hallway in a gallop, then jumps up and throws himself on Ana. …

08 May 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt: relationships

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Longing limbs left there in the frame of a memory from long ago brushing it away with an annoyed blink, wiping the brief sadness for a young mind-body meant innocent but also oblivious to the magnitude of its powers forever to be diminished up until obliterated by time.

The fire the irises can now sparkle simmers diluted and helpless, its prowess a flash of recollection, stinging, hurting in a grimace, up until tears for what was not known and treasured is lost to this body, this soul, this embrace.

Mind over body, no, mind conquers body, no, mind and body…

Fiction Friday

Image by Gisela Merkuur from Pixabay

“Don’t be lazy,” her mother told her, “just go.”

Diana couldn’t hide her irritation. Sonia, age 69, still didn’t check her words before she talked.

I’m working myself to the bone, she thought, and I still hear the word lazy.

True, her love life was nonexistent. Even though she had examples of women who got married at 47, or 60, happily married, blissfully married, she didn’t have the strength to invest her energy in a relationship.

She had met and bedded so much scum. In all honesty, men now disgusted her. Diana had no intention of cleaning up after yet…

The five-second rule

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

“Let’s not think of it now, shall we?”

“When then? We’re stuck. If we work together, we get ten seconds. We just have to practice.”

“I don’t want my arms chopped off, Lee.”

“We’ll take turns with who’s last to grab. We have no other choice, Lana.”

“I’d rather be found pristinely preserved than be dismembered by machinery and never be found.”

“We don’t know if it’s just AI or there’s more to it. We understand so little.”

“I do understand that they can’t open our capsule.”

“But they understand that we need fuel to be, so…

We take them for granted

Photo by Juan Martin Lopez on Unsplash

Tom exited the car first. His frown made me wary because the man is a grinning machine.

Carly spent time gathering her stuff; I only saw her favorite white shirt with sequins covered in blood a little later.

I shouldn’t have let her go rollerblading without me, but she had pleaded for weeks. Confused and trying to make sense of the situation, I peered inside the car to see if her best friend was also covered in blood.

“What happened?” I directed my fury at Tom. After all, he was the adult I had entrusted my daughter with.

“I am…

BC, Canada — author’s pic

One-Line Poetry Prompt, April 28th— ‘Phobia’

Murphy’s law applies

Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

“I don’t feel sorry for them, do you?”

“Sort of, nah, not really.”

“What if we get sold, separately?”

“I’ll miss you terribly.”

“Maybe you’ll find someone else, or end up in a window display, wouldn’t that be wonderful? I wish that for you.”

“With a sea view, where I could watch the sunrise and the sunset…”

“And you’d wear lively light garments and gorgeous summer hats.”

“With flowers on them, oh, I would love it so much. Is that what you wish for yourself though? Seaside and light clothing?”

“I’m not sure, but you’d be so pretty, not that…

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